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Laser Scanners, through the fast and accurate measurement of angles and distances, allow creating 3D models of objects and structures with high geometric quality at a low cost.

Reverse Engineering may be defined as the process of geometric representation of a physical object, its technological principles or components, through the analysis of its structure and function.

Dimensional Control is a method of verification, validation and calibration of the geometric characteristics of objects, structures or equipment.



Since its foundation, the Geotrilho company has followed a path of sustainable growth, which has allowed it to branch out into a group of several companies. Following the establishment of the Geosurvey company, dedicated to the African market, there was the need for a new project: LASER DYNAMICS. A project exclusively dedicated to 3D-Scanning, Modelling, Dimensional Control, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping for structures, equipment and objects in a multitude of scales, precisions and resolutions.

The works completed to date, in the various fields of Engineering, demonstrate the company's installed capacity and the knowledge it has acquired over several years of experience. Although the main highlight goes to interventions in major public works, this group of companies has diversified its activities and is able to present a set of remarkable interventions, which exemplify the quality and rigour it ensures in all its undertakings.


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